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How To Choose the Right Nightstands?

An appealing nightstand is as good as a comfortable bed. It’s a functional piece of bedroom furniture and the ultimate bedside companion. A nightstand houses your alarm clock, table lamp, water bottle, or the book you enjoy before bedtime.

Nightstands add an element of style and practicality to your bedroom. These furniture pieces come in different styles, shapes, and sizes to fit your space and unique aesthetic. Choosing the most appropriate nightstand for your space is an enjoyable experience because of the myriad of options to choose from in the market.

Do you want one with drawers or do you prefer a more minimalistic appearance? To keep your bedroom as stylish and functional as possible, we’ve compiled an easy way to ensure you pick the best nightstand for you.

Here are some essential attributes to consider when selecting the perfect nightstand.

1. Choose the Right Height

We love nightstands because of the convenience they add to our daily lives. Ideally, the nightstand should be easy to reach from across your bed and about the same height as your mattress. Therefore, your nightstand should be between 26 to 32 inches tall.

When not 100% sure about the appropriate height, choose a slightly taller nightstand.

2. Consider the Storage Options

Depending on what you need, you can choose to have just a table or a stool by your bed. Alternatively, having a nightstand that has drawers is critical to some people. It allows you to have a place to stash magazines, books, personal items, and anything else you might want to reach late at night or early in the morning.

A nightstand with open shelves or drawers (or both) is a versatile and fantastic option. You may also opt to use the storage options as an opportunity to display personal items, plants, or decor.

3. Surface Area

The top of the nightstand should have enough space to fit your alarm clock, table lamp, and anything else you need within reach. Choose a nightstand with a broader surface area if you tend to accumulate many items or have large pieces of decor.

Also, you can leave the space on the nightstand for essential items only and move any decorative items like framed photos to the wall. Additionally, you can switch to wall sconces or hanging pendants as an alternative to table lamps and keep other items in the nightstand drawers.

4. Nightstand Styles

Envision how you want the nightstands to look in your bedroom. You may settle on matching stands, which is the most traditional option, but even mismatched nightstands look cool and trendy.

Here are our favorite trends right now.


This would be bleached woods, very neutral colors and lots of added textures. Shapes with curves and soft lines. For the person who needs serenity and doesn’t want bright colors.


These styles often feature distressed wood and layering of paint. Meant to look like a genuine antique, It’s a welcoming and charming style that fits several looks.


Santa Barbara style is a traditional style featuring dark rich wood tones with some carved details, sometimes featuring vintage inspired hand painted details. This is where we see pops of color mixed in.


Featuring metallics and sleek lines, often paired with nickel or pewter fixtures. This style is fun and glamorous.

5. Nightstand Size

Should you match the nightstands to the bed?

Choosing your nightstands according to the height of your bed is the best way to go. A nightstand should usually be of a smaller size compared to your wardrobe or bed.

For a medium-height bed between 22.5 – 25.5 inches, a nightstand that measures 22 inches or more is a perfect fit. Also, a nightstand with an open base keeps the bedside open and spacious.

Lastly, if your bed is 30 – 33.5 inches above the ground, you’ll need a tall nightstand of at least 28 inches. This will ensure that you can easily reach for something. Instead of the typical nightstand, you can pair your bed with a small dresser for additional storage space.

6. Nightstand Color

You can choose any color you desire for your nightstand. However, make sure that the choice matches the other color combinations and decor in your bedroom. A great starting point would be looking at the duvet and headboard colors. White is the typical go-to nightstand color that blends with most decor.

If you have dark-colored bedding, try a silver or white nightstand to complement the overall look. For a lighter color palette, you have more options. You can choose a traditional cream or white nightstand or colored or dark wood options.

A nightstand is the ultimate bedside accessory and a useful piece of bedroom furniture. To help make your bedroom as functional as it is stylish and serene, Peninsula Home Collection has compiled a wide range of collections to ensure you pick the best nightstand for your bedroom.