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How to Decorate a Dining Room Table

Just because you moved all the furniture into your dining room doesn’t mean that the job is done. No room feels fully complete until it’s been adorned with decor, and the same holds for your dining room.

You may have hung art on your walls or put a pretty mirror in your space, but have you considered what décor should live on your table in between meals and dinner parties? If you haven’t, you couldn’t get any luckier, as ideas for dining room table decor come in plenty. The options are so vast and varied, so you won’t have difficulty getting one that suits your table.

And the best part? Dining room décor is temporary, so you can experiment with one idea today, try another tomorrow, and work your way down the list for years.

If you are looking to amaze with delightful dining table decor, look no more. Scroll on to find out how you can serve up serious style with every meal on your dining table.

Make Space for Floral Fanfare

Flowers are the icing on the cake for a well-decorated space, and they make a stunning centerpiece. Bring whimsy to your dining table with bold, playful, and unexpected floral centerpieces like these.

Fresh flowers are on a different level when decorating the dining table. It can be a little frustrating to cycle through dining room table décor frequently if your flowers are not long-lasting. However, the tradeoff is worth it when the upside is a fresh, new centerpiece that looks and smells great.

Unconventional blooms work overtime to soften and brighten an otherwise shadowy, sophisticated space. Having your meals with a taste of nature on the table is just something else.

Candlestick Magic

Candles are a tricky thing for your tablescape. Go too hard, and you lose the beauty of your table setting. Too light, and your candles will quickly be lost among plates of food and become more of a threat to hungry guests’ arm hair. You should consider getting a candle holder to do the lifting for you.

If well utilized, candlesticks make a classic addition to any dining room. If your dining table is beautiful, add them and let them serve as your centerpiece.

Pair a hand-painted wooden Francesca dining table in a cream room with candlesticks. The bold centerpiece will grab the attention of the eye without disrupting your palette, adding that much-needed contrast and cohesion to your space in equal measure.

Use a Fruit Bowl

Fruit makes for a colorful centerpiece that you can constantly change. Go for a fruit bowl that matches your ding chairs for great cohesion.

Depending on the season, you may have apples, oranges, bananas, lemons, limes, pretty much any fruit that you’d have on your bowl, then place it on your dining room table. On the other hand, you can get creative and fill your bowl up with decorative balls or objects depending on the time of year, such as Christmas ornaments. If you’d like more prominence, you can go for a raised bowl.

Set The Table

The dining table should look good feel decorated. That is what you and your guests know for a fact. For an additional fancy touch, try setting the table simply.

Napkins are a need at every meal, whether you’re planning a gourmet spread or a casual dinner. Add them to the place setting in a way that blends well with your decor and the occasion and creates an excellent presentation.

For starters, display your boldest napkins in different styles and display your valued antique plates stylishly. Napkin fold styles tutorials are abundant on the internet, so it shouldn’t be that hard. These are tips that’ll bring your space together in ways you hadn’t imagined.

Display Trays

Once you discover the trays’ secret, they could be your best friend when it comes to decorating the dining room table. They could be just the missing piece to the puzzle.

Trays come in various materials, sizes, and shapes that you can use throughout the house. If you go for trays as your centerpiece, they can be beautiful and functional. A tray can hold the salt and pepper grinders and a few napkins. A candle or two placed on the tray can look just as great as an artistic sculpture or bouquet would. You can keep anything organized with the help of a decorative tray.


Add a Pop of Color

We all understand that decorating with neutral colors is a safe, timeless, and chic way to go. However, a dining table should not be another dull and uninviting space in the house. Simply having the table color stand out will not be decorative enough.

A grouping of like-colored accessories can add impactful and non-permanent pops of color to your dining table. Bright vases are a great way to serve some paint on the table and keep the dining room feeling bright even when it’s not in use.

Using brighter chairs that go well with the table style adds color to your dining table. This makes you feel hopeful as you take your meals.