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How to Decorate an Office

According to Gettysburg College, we spend a whole third of our lives at the office. All this time spent at the office makes our daily lives ordinary and predictable. Whether you work in a company or a home office, finding the perfect atmosphere to fit the office can be difficult sometimes. If you get a single aspect wrong, you may have to live with it for at least six hours every single working day! A well embellished office is comfortable enough to spend all day in, minimal enough to keep you focused all through, and interesting enough to get your creative juices flowing. If you are looking for inspiration, look no further. Here, we’ve rounded up several stunning office decoration tips to get you started.

Area Rug For That Extra Warmth

Use a colorful rug as an accent piece or select several rugs to highlight different areas of your office. This is a helpful way to differentiate between segments of an open office plan. Choosing the right office rug can breathe personality into the room, allowing you to feel at home while still being motivated to work. It can entirely change the feel of the room. A well-chosen rug can transform your office into a beautiful and stylish workspace that you can be proud working in. There is a wide range of rags available in the market, and perfectly suited to match your style.

Add a Comfy Sofa

Your office furniture is an extended expression of your business and its personality. Add a sofa to your office, especially if you have a large space to work with. Always consider the comfort of the sofa first. It should be the perfect spot to step away from your desk, have a conversation, take a call, or catch up on reading. Your choice of sofa should be inspired by and consistent with the other design ideas in your office. This makes the office space look more united. A sofa in the office is the most likely focal point, so arrange it in ways that add eye-pleasing dynamic symmetry or asymmetry to the office. Always have functionality in mind. Choose a sturdy sofa that will not just give up on you. An ideal office sofa should last at least five years.

Let Nature In

Always rely on mother nature to give your office new life. Scatter succulents and plants, real or fake, on shelves and the desk and reap the benefits, especially if you go for air-purifying varieties like spider and snake plants. Bringing some nature into the office will make a huge difference. Plants and flowers can combine in attractive shapes, colors, and aromas in a single decoration. Pick a plant or flower that fits your core values, such as a sturdy bamboo plant to emphasize foundational strength. Research by the University of Exter revealed that enriching an office with plants can increase productivity by up to 15%. Oversized species can make a statement in your office design. On the other hand, small desk plants for each team member across an open-plan office can create a cohesive look. Plants will help you take a breather away from demanding tasks and significantly lower your stress levels.

Customize Your Storage

Just like having a functional workspace, making space for storage is crucial if you would like to keep your office organized. Figure out what you need easy access to, and create custom storage for just about every need, from files to yarn to books, so everything has a place.

Keep your desk space clutter-free and store books, files, and paperwork in storage boxes and wooden shelves. Shelves are a nice way to store items, especially books. If your office likes to keep ahead of the competition with professional development and business books, stock some of the office favorites on a bookshelf in a meeting space or community room.

Staring at the computer for extended periods can be tedious. Reading a few pages of your favorite books offers a perfect break. You won’t find better storage than a classy bookshelf in the corner.

Make a Gallery Wall

Make the most of the walls in the office. Choose a wall of your choice and use it to hang photos, inspiring prints, and artwork, all complete with mismatched frames.

If you are looking for great small office decor, hanging art can make your workspace look a lot more interesting, thoughtful & spacious. You can keep it simple with black and white wall hangings or go bold with vibrant, eye-catching works that brighten your day every time you walk past them.

Whether the art is created at home or commissioned, hanging art adds a personal touch to the workplace, making it welcoming to clients and fellow employees.

Match Your Desktop

This is an easy one, but quite essential. Use desktop backgrounds and screensavers to add color, personalization, branding, or motivational messages into your office decor.

This is something you can easily customize and change as often as you like to suit your design. Most people don’t consider this as an option, and they just leave the computer background and screensaver on the default setting.

The fact that you don’t have to spend any money on this idea, as there are thousands of free wallpapers on the internet, makes it even more convenient.

Simply add a picture or graphic that will keep you inspired throughout the day as your desktop wallpaper. You can change it after some time to keep things fresh and new ideas brewing.