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How to Style a Full Wall Headboard

Your bedroom is arguably one of the most critical rooms in your home. It offers the space for you to wind down every night. Thus, you must approach its design with care and thoughtfulness.

A headboard has the power to elevate your bedroom decor, making the ceiling feel taller. It instantly kicks up the style of any bed. As a plus, headboards also make great focal points.

We are seeing the trend for headboards spanning the full wall become more and more popular so let’s look at how you can hop on that trend!

1. Go vertical instead of horizontal

While the trend is technically to go horizontal with the span of the wall, we know not everyone can accommodate that in their space. There is always an option to go vertical, and make a headboard 9’-12’ tall. This is obviously a better option for those of us with high ceilings. This creates the ultimate custom and personalized look.

2. The woven leather trend

An increasingly popular trend is the woven leather trend. A surprisingly budget friendly option and infinite colors available through peninsula home. The leather is actually unsplit and sustainably made, the color applied is painted. The leather naturally patinas over time revealing the natural color of the leather. This can be done as a headboard only or made into a complete bed, the height is usually kept fairly low as it does span the entirety of the wall. This simple yet beautiful style is one of our top trends of the year.

3. The all wood option

This organic feeling headboard while simple with the cutouts offers depth and texture. It spans across the wall making the headboard the immediate focus of the room. Wood headboards are renter and hotel room friendly, they are stable and clean easily without the hassle of fabric which absorbs everything around it. This headboard is not competing with the nightstand floating in front of it, they complement each other in color and size, which is extremely important in creating a harmonious bedroom space.

4. The Classic

The extra long headboard craze began with a fully upholstered headboard spanning across the full wall. More often than not this trend is seen with horizontal channels for extra texture and depth. We love this look here with a bold statement fabric, it gives the room even more of a pop. This can be especially fun for smaller bedrooms where you have limited space to design something bold and fun for your client, so opting for a statement piece headboard like this really sets the tone.

Final Thoughts

Your headboard should be the main focus in your bedroom. Utilizing the full wall makes the room look warm and inviting in a bold fashion.

Do all the styles above have you itching to style a full wall headboard? If yes, let us know in the comment section, and we’ll gladly help.