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Not All Sofas Are Created Equally – Sofa and Chair Construction

Upholstery comes in a variety of price points. Most interior design professionals are aware of factors that determine whether a sofa or chair is worth its price. Unfortunately, some of these important factors are often unknown to consumers, causing them to opt for poor-quality chairs.

Knowing what separates sofas from each other is a skill that interior designers and companies should possess when furnishing spaces. Our goal is also to provide some valuable information for the consumer to better understand whether a sofa is worth it or not, so they can rest assured that they are getting the value and quality they are looking for.

With that being said, here are some important items designers look at when it comes to upholstery.

What are Upholstery Frames?

Frames are perhaps the most important feature that differentiates sofas from each other. Frames serve as the sofa’s backbone, which explains why sofas take on various shapes and sizes. However, the importance of the frame establishing itself as high-quality is its durability.

Many upholstery brands rely on imported frames. These imports usually come in one size, one configuration, and one fabric choice. Uniformity in these parts allows sofa manufacturers to make more units faster. However, they tend to cut corners by using substandard materials and processes. Also, cheap labor reflects in the final product’s price and quality.

Determining High-Quality Upholstery Frames

So, what makes a good sofa frame? It should be made entirely of wood, with a singular material across the entire frame. The best frames are made of solid wood or engineered hardwood made up of at least seven layers of the same wooden material.

Meanwhile, lower-quality sofas tend to utilize a combination of various materials. Lower quality sofas have frames that mix cardboard, metals, composites, plywood, or medium-density fiberboard (MDF), which is an engineered wood product made of a mixed softwood and hardwood scraps.

This mixture of various materials simply means that high-quality sofas and low-quality sofas are incomparable. Substituting a solid wood frame for one that is made of mixed elements just won’t yield the same durability and comfort. As such, solid wood frames are important when you are after high-quality furniture.

Components and Inserts

Apart from its frame, a well-made sofa should contain superior components to ensure the product’s quality and longevity. All parts and materials in a sofa play unique and vital roles in elevating its quality. Here are the common components of a sofa:

  • Springs: These components provide firmness and elasticity. Sofas with more springs tend to support heavier weights and provide firmer seating than those with fewer springs.
  • Foam: This part of the sofa offers comfort. Good quality foam tends to be low maintenance, meaning you do not need to fluff your sofa constantly to keep it comfortable.
  • Inserts: Also known as the filling is what goes into the cushions. Foam is a common insert material because of the various densities it offers.

Bench-Made Sofas and Chairs

The highest quality sofas are bench-made, meaning one craftsman started and finished the piece of furniture. Other sofas and chairs, especially those by commercial manufacturers, have a line of assembly workers who are in charge of specific stages in a sofa’s creation.

Honest and reliable craftsmen take pride in their products, whether it is an entire sofa set or a single chair. They are professionals who cherish quality since the final product is a reflection of their work. Professional craftsmen are dedicated to their craft, ensuring that the fruits of their labor produce a superior product.

See if you can confirm whether the sofa you have your eyes on has a single craftsman behind its creation. You want to know that a real person was thorough in building the item to ensure it lasts.

Sofas by Peninsula Home Collection

With 25 years of experience in creating sofas, we can confidently say that all upholstery at Peninsula Home Collection is of the highest quality. Our creations are local and bench-made, guaranteeing superior durability and aesthetic value.

Our specialty is exceptional custom products. We are passionate about the work we put forth, leading us to earn the trust of all our clients. You can rely on our custom products to meet your visual and structural expectations.


Sofas come at different price points although they can appear the same on the surface. To the untrained eye, it may be easy to unknowingly choose a poor-quality sofa or chair. We hope this information helps you better understand important things to consider in the manufacturing process. In the end, not all sofas are created equally.