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Transform Your Living Room Into The Ideal Living Space

The living room is the first room your guests see when they enter your home. It’s also a space where you’ll often find yourself spending a lot of time. It is where you watch TV, catch up with family, and have conversations with your guests. Due to this, it is a room that needs to be kept comfortable and visually appealing.

Sometimes, living room styles fade and decor wears off due to constant use. And after a while, you may feel design itches starting to call. When transforming a living room, you need to consider the size, though you can always make the most out of even the smallest spaces.

There are several elements that you can use to transform your living room, and they differ according to personal preferences. This article is meant to provide you with some designer tips to help you transform your living room into a space that you will live to admire.

1. Declutter

Before adding anything new to your living room, you can start by decluttering. As mentioned earlier, the living room is a place to entertain and catch up with your nearest and dearest.

Clutter could build up in the living room over time, especially when you have children who leave anything anywhere. Getting rid of this clutter can make your space feel refreshingly new and transformed. In this regard, you can start by removing everything and only returning what you regularly use. However, if you can’t move everything out, take away extra decor and items that take up too much space. For instance, you may think that having exercise equipment and extra pillows in the living room is a good idea, but unless you use them regularly, they are just eyesores.

2. Let There Be Light

Your choice of lighting makes or breaks your living room. It also defines your decor and makes certain aspects of your room stand out while creating a warmer and larger space for you to spend your time. Moreover, if you like reading in your living room, you need lighting that is not harsh but makes your reading comfortable.

Instead of simple light bulbs, you can transform your living room into a classy palatial space by adding a chandelier. For this, you can hire a technician to rewire and set you up with the perfect lighting system.

On to something that is easily executable, transform your living space with more natural light. Sometimes your living room feels dark just because you use heavy curtains or you hang them too low. If the latter is the case, consider hanging them higher to let more light in. However, if your curtains are too heavy, you may want to switch them with simpler blinds that let you control the amount of light that enters the living room.

3. Modify The Ceiling

When we think of ceilings, most of us think of the normal flat and white with just a fan and light bulbs hanging. However, there are various ways you can redo your ceiling. First, you can draw the eyes upward by focusing on a stylish lighting project. This means using multiple chandeliers hanging at various heights to draw attention. Choosing the right chandeliers seamlessly enhances the living room’s appearance and creates an unlikely focal point.

Another way to transform your ceiling is by painting. This relies on the power of a few paint cans and a ton of creativity as there are multiple ways of adding color to a ceiling. The first way is to offset the walls. Bright and vibrant-colored ceilings are normal, so maybe the best way to make a statement is by going dark. This creates an element of contrast that is impossible to ignore.

Secondly, you can also get printed wallpapers on your ceiling. With the right print and color scheme, wallpaper is a genius addition to the ceiling. It makes the ceiling stand out and transforms the living room into your ideal space.

4. Dress Up the Furniture

The appropriate seating options in the living room make it gracious. However, leaving furniture bare, especially couches, makes the room look empty and boring. If you need to refresh simple seating and add a pop of color to the room, get some throw pillows and extra throw blankets. This added texture from the materials makes the living room a cozy and enjoyable space for you to spend time in.

If your furniture is worn out but you don’t want to get new furniture, you can just strip the piece and replace the fabric. This is a labor-intensive process, but the results can be stunning if you do it right. After reupholstering, you can now change the rest of the decor to match the furniture and transform the living room entirely.

5. Change the Color Scheme

Changing the color scheme of your living room is one of the most transformational modifications you can do to a living room. Besides, taste changes over time, so your current color scheme may not interest you as much as it did when you first applied it.

To change the color scheme, you have to plan for a new one carefully. To do this, you could put together a mood board to minimize when choosing the color, pattern, and budget. For the paint, choose a hard-wearing one for living rooms that receive a lot of knocks.

Themes help you bring the best out of your imagination and transform your living room. However, don’t rush into themes, but rather decide on one accordingly and invest wisely in curtains, furniture, and other furnishings that make up your color scheme.