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Why Are Natural Wood Tones Making a Comeback?

It’s light, versatile, and may even make you feel better when surrounded by it. Are wood tones the future in the home design industry?

Sure, trends in every industry come and go. Right now, natural wood tones are making a comeback for many compelling reasons. We’re sure that this resurgence is here to stay.

Unlike popular belief, wood doesn’t have to be traditionally dark. Not only will lighter wood give your space a modern spin, but it also creates a bright and happy environment. Natural wood tones add warmth to your home, which is associated with feelings of coziness, security, and comfort.

Here are 5 reasons why natural wood tones are making a comeback:

1. It’s Cozy and Comfortable

When it comes to your living space, comfort is paramount. Natural toned wood can look subdued but also warm and cozy. The features of wood furniture are personal and unique, so be sure to choose something that best fits your style.

For instance, if you have a minimalist and bright home that feels cold, wood furniture can add a bit of warmth to the space. Pair a wood coffee table with light leather accents and a warm fabric sectional. If the finish of your furniture is too similar to the finish of your floors remember to separate them with an area rug.

2. Durable and Practical

One great benefit of the resurgence of organic textures such as natural toned wood is that it provides the perfect intersection of style and practicality. A warmer color palette offers better options than the charcoal and grays of the past.

The stain and spill-resistant attributes of vanished and stained wood are hard to beat. Also, wood is one of the best quality materials on the market.

Give your house a warm and welcoming feel without the constant pressure of having to keep everything polished at every waking moment. You can, therefore, focus on enjoying every moment in these spaces.

3. Natural Wood Tones Add Character

Wood’s varying tones and grain patterns can create a compelling character that helps homeowners curate show-stopping designs. Additionally, it showcases their personalities in every room and doesn’t sacrifice quality or comfort.

When choosing these pieces, stick to wooden furniture, wicker baskets, terracotta vases, and other earthy-toned decorations. These work together to add warmth and texture to your space while creating an organic, calm vibe.

Similar to the rise of boho-inspired decor in the recent past, the feel that wood gives off is familiar to interior design for the same reasons. Its texture is exciting and comfortable, and it doesn’t require frequent maintenance.

4. Organic Color Palette

Natural wood tones might be what you need if you’re a lover of organic and neutral palettes. Adding warm wood tones brings a new dimension without overwhelming your creativity for those who prefer minimalist black-and-white styles.

You can see this in trends embracing natural wood kitchen cabinets or barn doors. If you lean more towards a diverse yet neutral color palette, natural wooden tones add more depth to your existing home appearance.

A neutral look is the new hot sensation, adding a sophisticated and subtle feel.

5. Mix and match your tones

Yes! It’s ok to mix and match wood tones. You can take medium brown, dark brown and even wheat and have them all harmoniously working together in the same space. Break up the wood with light fabrics and large upholstered pieces, like a sectional or a fully upholstered bed. This will allow you to use some of your old pieces when you’re updating to a more modern look, you don’t have to start from scratch, it can all be brought together in an eclectic way.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, the comeback of natural wood tones in interior design means the return of cozy and secure feelings. Wood has always been associated with the idea of a welcoming home as well as with its practicality, durability, and quality.

Ready to add sophistication and the comfort of wood into your living space? Peninsula Home is happy to help.