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How To Decorate A Bedroom

We spend 26 years of our lives sleeping, and on average, 7 years looking for sleep. That’s a total of 33 years spent in bed. If there’s one room in your house that deserves to be plumped up and adorned with glamor, it’s definitely your bedroom. After all, it’s where you spend a third of your life. If you’re looking for tips and ideas to transform your bedroom into a haven of peace and romance, then you’re in the right place. Below, we’ve curated a list of our favorite bedroom design ideas that will turn any room into a beauty to behold. Let’s begin, shall we?

Add a Console Table

The bedroom is a place to chill, relax, and refresh. It should be devoid of any distractions. So any additions to your bedroom should work towards this. And a console table fits the bill perfectly.

For starters, it fills the extra floor space limiting you from moving about. Additionally, when well designed and decorated, it imbues the room with a unique sense of style while adding a lovely, lived-in quality to the room. Not only that, but this piece of furniture will provide extra surface space for keys, hats, scarves, and other miscellaneous items, concentrating all these distractions in one place. Don’t shy off from styling it with your favorite accessories, a mirror, table lamp, or even framed art. Then step back and watch the room come alive.

Drapes and Curtains

The window is the most important part of the wall. And in most cases, it’s placed strategically directly opposite to the door. It’s what you see when you first enter the room. How about giving it a midas touch to usher you every time you enter the room?

Do this by adding cool toned down drapes that complement your beddings and pillows while ensuring you use solid dull colors. This means going for mauve instead of eggplant, or choosing pumpkin instead of tangerine. As for sheer curtains, add an extra layer of opaque roller blinds for maintaining privacy at night or blocking sunlight.

Experiment with mirrors

The mirror is the gift that keeps on giving when it comes to interior design. These light reflectors are a perfect way to add depth to the bedroom especially when you have a smaller space. Placing a mirror beside the window will make the room feel bigger and brighter while giving it that shiny object syndrome. Furthermore, they’re a perfect way to retain more natural light in the room especially if you have dark walls or if your room receives little natural light. Avoid the usual boring square and rectangular shapes and instead go for bold unique shapes that speak your language. But the goal here is to avoid overdoing it. Two big mirrors placed strategically are better than 5 small ones. Try it out and see what you come up with.

Add Greenery

Green is the color of life. And what better way to give your room life than adding greenery? Additionally, plants help you feel more calm and relaxed, thus decreasing levels of anxiety. And isn’t that what you want for your bedroom? A place that relaxes you and gives you a stoic outlook to life?

Consider adding a shelf with a variety of plants, lining them up and alternating between big ones and small ones. Or maybe use geometric planters for a trendy look. Go for succulent plants as they’re long-lasting. Artificial plants will do but real plants are always better.


The floor is the sixth wall of the room. And unlike the other five walls, (including the ceiling) you want the floor to feel cozy, warm, and endearing. Adding a rug to the floor of the bedroom is a sure way to imbue the room with warmth while making a statement about your taste. The best area to put a rug in the bedroom is under the bed, where it holds the largest piece of furniture in the room. When choosing the rug, play around with various patterns and colors to add another layer of color and pattern to the room.

Paint the Ceiling

Don’t forget the ceiling, because after all is said and done, the ceiling is the part of the room we stare at most of the time. So to eliminate the blank surface, add a subtle pattern or soft lighter color extended from the wall. Additionally, you can use a wallpaper that envelops you in sensuality and warmth while adding texture, design, and color to the ceiling. This also helps to give the illusion of a lower ceiling and a feeling of comfort and intimacy.

Art pieces

Art is very personal. It helps define the personality of the homeowner and their space. Being a place for relaxing, bedroom art work should be subtle, yet noticeable. Bigger art pieces are best. Hung them at eye level. These work to fill the extra spaces between and around the walls. Keep the frames small or go for canvases. You want to focus on the art piece itself and not so much its vessel. Ambient art pieces are preferred over object-focused pieces to avoid littering the wall with distracting imagery.


Using wallpapers in the bedroom can be intimidating, sometimes outright counterproductive. But wallpapers are an awesome way of elevating the room into more than just a place for sleeping. Wallpapers occupy prime real estate while offering instant texture, color, and pattern. The goal here is to choose a pattern that suits your aesthetic. Limit the designs and color to monochromes that transition peacefully and combine seamlessly with the rest of the room.